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Taking into account your preferences and needs

Simplicity & Solidness

FRASA provides a wide range of gas hobs that stand out, owing to the quality and variety of the models with extinguished design and technology. Taking into account your preferences and needs, discover the solution that best serves you. Make your space more functional and pleasant so that, day after day, cooking is always a pleasure to be repeated.

Our Product Range


The sensor -touch controls and diffrent kind of heating, from electric to effective heating through induction, will lend tour dishes an irresistible flavour.

Ovens, Microwaves and Stoves

It's your "faithful friend",  always there for you at any time. Now, it's much more practical to warm up, defrost,  bake,  grill and toast. Make it easy for yourself

Cooker Hoods

The cooker hoods models  are split into different classes, seeking to reach all segments of the market with well thought- out products every level.

Sinks and Taps

FRASA provides a range of sinks and tabs that stand out, owing to the quality and variety of the models and the solidity of the used materials.


Good conversation is essential for the quality of your food. Discover how we can preserve this quality with free-standing or built - in FRASA refrigerators and freezers

Dishwashers and Washing Machines

The pleasure of being at the table should not finish with the end of the meal. Let it continue. The FRASA Dishwashers will do the washing up for you,in silence, like magic.

About Us

Frasa Appliances specialises in quality appliances that offers the best in German Engineering with Italian design and comfort. We aim to provide you with a range of appliances that will add a touch of style to your kitchen. With high kitchen appliances you can enjoy your kitchen, entertain family and friends, or simply enjoy cooking a wonderful meal. Your kitchen appliances will definitely make an impression and allow you to make the most out of your kitchen environment.

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